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Rules & Regulations of MSHL 2014
Rules & Regulations

Garena reserves the right to change the Rules & Regulations without prior warning. It is the players’ responsibility to keep up to date. Any decisions made by the Administrator(s) of MSHL are final. Last updated: 10th September 2014

1.0 Definitions

1.1 In-Game Name (or IGN) - A player's pseudonym/Heroes of Newerth account name, used for registration and identification during the tournament.
1.2 Player - Any participant who meets the eligibility requirements and registers for the league.
1.3 Team - A team consists of a maximum 7 players.
1.4 Team Member (or Member) - A player that is part of a team.
1.5 Team Captain (or Captain) - A team member that represents the team, manages it and is responsible for the interaction with admins or other teams.
1.6 Team Roster (or Roster) - A list of team members for a team.
1.7 Roster Change - Adding/Removing/Replacing team members in the team's Roster.
1.8 Season - The period of time by which a cycle is conducted (2 months per Season)
1.9 Division - A group of teams which are placed together and play against each other over the course of a Season.
1.10 Game - One Heroes of Newerth session of play, played between 2 teams, in a 5v5 format, ending when a winning condition has been met. A game is identified by a unique match ID and a Replay.
1.11 Match (or Matchup) - A Match is composed of a series of Games between two teams.
1.12 Round - A Round is composed of several matches, whereby each team is plays in 1 Matchup.
1.13 Map - A Heroes of Newerth virtual environment on which teams compete.
1.14 Admin (or Administrator or Official) - A designated individual presiding over MSHL events, that is responsible for enforcing the Rules and is to be contacted by team captains regarding any Disputes or Match rescheduling.
1.15 Shoutcaster (or co-caster) - An individual who has been verified and is allowed to stream and/or cast the Matches from the event/tournament.
1.16 Shoutcasting Group (or Coverage Partners) - Official Shoutcasting Groups that have been verified and consists of Shoutcasters.
1.17 Forfeit - A team surrendering a match to the opposition, voluntarily or by the ruling of Admins, is considered a forfeit.
1.18 Warning - A verbal or written indication from an Admin towards a team or player, given for disrespecting the rules.
1.19 Disqualification (or Disqualified) - The removal of a team or player from the event by an Admin, for violation of the Rules.
1.20 Disputes (or Disputed) - A controversy over a match where teams or players disagree and present the case to an Admin for a decision.
1.21 Disconnect - When a player's connection drops unexpectedly from a Game due to connectivity issues.
1.21 Account sharing - Giving your account’s password to another person, and such person using your account is considered account sharing. Account sharing is prohibited.
1.22 Dirty ringing - A person playing for a team, using the account of a team member without being the owner of that account. Dirty ringing is prohibited.
1.23 Multiple participation - A player joining two or more teams in the tournament/event. Multiple participation is prohibited.
1.24 Ghost (or Ghosting) - Giving in-game information about a team's position, ward placement or any vital information, to its opposing team. Ghosting is prohibited.
1.25 Time - All time stated is as GMT+8.
1.26 All Players will be required to uphold and observe a universal level of sportsmanship. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes, but is not limited to, racism, use of profanity, rude acts, vulgar acts, acts of belligerence, and disrespect towards any player, Admin or person involved with the tournament/event.
1.27 Winning conditions - For a Team to win a Game, one of the following conditions must be met:
1) Team destroys the opposing team's World Tree/Sacrificial Shrine
2) Opposing team passes a vote to concede
3) All players on opposing team disconnect
4) Opposing team forfeits the game or match.

2.0 MSHL Rules

2.1 Eligibility
2.1.1 Only registered IGNs can participate in the event.
2.1.2 Player nationality defined by passport and Identification Card.
2.1.3 Local player - A player that has either Malaysian or Singaporean Nationality
2.1.4 Foreign player - A player that is not a Local player
2.1.5 Each roster is only allowed a maximum of 2 foreign players.
2.2 Prohibited Actions, Cheating & Penalties
2.2.1 Warning Types Verbal Warning - Given on a first minor offense, or in the case of inconclusive data/proof. May be given a few times before an Official Warning is issues. Official Warning - Given upon a major or repeated offense. A player is disqualified from the Season upon receiving three (3) Official Warnings.
2.2.2 Account Sharing is prohibited. Upon investigation and conclusive proof, the shared account will be disqualified from the current Season. Additional action may be taken by HoN GMs if necessary. Otherwise a Verbal Warning may be given.
2.2.3 Dirty Ringing is prohibited. Upon investigation and conclusive proof, the player who ringed for the team and the player that owns the account in question will be disqualified from the current Season. Additional action may be taken by HoN GMs (Game Masters) if necessary. Otherwise a Verbal Warning may be given.
2.2.4 Multiple participation is prohibited. If a player is found to register under two or more teams, that player will be disqualified from the current Season.
2.2.5 Ghosting is prohibited. Upon investigation and conclusive proof, the player will receive an Official Warning. Otherwise a Verbal Warning may be given.
2.2.6 Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Disrespecting the Sportsmanship rules will result in receiving a Verbal or Official Warning. Penalty will and can include (a) deduction of points as seemed deemed appropriate by Admins, (b) disqualification of team/players OR (c) any other decision made in due by Admins.
2.2.7 Dishonesty - Trying to deceive an Admin. May result in a Verbal or Official Warning
2.2.8 Any disputes that arise during gameplay should be addressed after the game finishes. Do not pause a game in an attempt to get an immediate ruling from an Administrator. All disputes are handled by Admins. All disputes may be appealed to the Head Admin in the event that you feel you were treated unfairly by an Administrator. Any decision made by the Head Admin is final. To file a dispute please send an email to
2.2.9 If a player severely breaks the rules a harsher penalty may be applied as needed, such as being given more than one (1) Official Warning as penalty, or directly disqualified and temporarily/permanently banned from the entirety of MSHL.
2.2.10 Abusive and inappropriate words are forbidden in the chat lobby, and in-game.
2.2.11 Mods or any other hacking programs are not allowed.
2.2.12 Once a player or team has been disqualified, said team or player is not allowed to play in the remainder of the Season or MSHL, depending on the reason of disqualification.
2.3 Team Changes
2.3.1 Teams are allowed up to two (2) Roster Changes each Season.
2.3.2 Roster changes are only allowed before the brackets of each Season are released.
2.3.3 No changes are allowed to be made for the Team Captain. If a team wishes to change the Team Captain, the team is required to send an appeal to . Each appeal will be gone through individually by an Admin, who will provide the final decision on whether or not the change is allowed.
2.3.4 Changing Team’s name is not allowed. In case of changing the name of your team, all your points will be reset immediately. (This case is only acceptable if there’s a sponsor related to name changing.)
2.4 Streaming, Casting & Spectating
2.4.1 Any match that is streamed, the broadcaster must enable 6 minute delay.
2.4.2 Only approved Casters & Co-casters may broadcast the matches.
2.4.3 Mentor Player and Spectate Player functions will not work as Tournament Rules is enabled.
2.4.4 Apart from Admins, Garena Staff, approved Casters and Co-casters, no other observers will be allowed.
2.5 Game & Match Rules
2.5.1 Game Settings are as listed below;
Game Mode : Captain's Pick, Tournament Rules
Player Format : 5v5
Map : Forests of Caldavar
Server : 1) MY Team vs MY Team : Only on MY servers*
             2) SG Team vs SG Team : Only on SG servers*
             3) MY Team vs SG Team : One match of SG server, and one match on MY server*
             *These server restrictions can only be changed if BOTH teams agree to the change.
2.5.2 Match Rescheduling - A match is only allowed to be rescheduled if BOTH teams agree to it. The rescheduled match must be on the same weekend (If the original match is to be played on a Saturday, it can be rescheduled to Sunday. If the original match is to be played on a Sunday, it can only be rescheduled to Saturday). Rescheduled matches must still be played at 8.30 PM GMT +8.
2.5.3 Each team must have 5 members ready inside the game lobby within 20 minutes of the scheduled match time. If a team does not have the five members after the 20 minutes grace period, that team will forfeit the game unless the opposing team is willing to wait longer.
2.5.4 For the first game in the matchup, Team Captains will roll (/roll 10) for the sides. For subsequent Games, the sides will alternate.
2.5.5 Remake - If a game is remade, the players must join the remade game again and all 10 players be ready in order for the new game to start. Players are required to choose the same heroes as the original game.
2.5.6 Remake - If the Blue or Pink (Drafters) for either team disconnects during Locking/Banning/Picking phase and is unable to reconnect before the turn timer is over, the game must be remade and all locks,bans and picks before the disconnection must be redone in the remade game.
2.5.7 A team may pause the game at any time. The opposing team is allowed to unpause only after 5 minutes have passed from the start of the pause if a valid reason is given for the pause (player disconnect, equipment problems, etc.). If no reason is given for the pause, the team may unpause the game at anytime.
2.5.8 Backdoor (Backdooring) is allowed.
2.5.9 All games are to be played on the specified servers.
2.5.10 Item Restrictions - There are no restrictions/limitations in items usage.
2.5.11 Hero Restrictions - All heroes available in the official stated game mode for the respective tournament/cycle/game/series are permitted. Heroes that are introduced in official stated game mode for the respective tournament/cycle/game/series after the tournament has started are permitted.
2.5.12 Hero Skill Restrictions - Fissure Blocking: Blocking creep waves from exiting the base is deemed illegal. Pulling Ancients into the lane creeps, using Devourer or Behemoth is deemed illegal.
2.5.13 Game Exploits and Violations - It is illegal to intentionally utilize any game exploits for the purpose of generating a competitive advantage. Admins have discretion to determine the intention and extent of the violation and penalty.
2.5.14 Once you click on “Start Game” button, that means you have accepted all the rules and conditions with the opponent team, including their present team members. If their team members do not match with the their roster list, but you have clicked “Start Game” button or allowed the game to start, you have no rights to argue or protest about their team members. (Thus, please check their team members’ name every time before you start the game)
2.6 League Format & Tie Breakers
2.6.1 Each MSHL Season will consist of:
- 8 Teams within Gold Division which will have a Round Robin (Best of 2)
- 8 Teams within Silver Division which will have a Round Robin (Best of 2)

In each Matchup, teams will be given points based on the number of wins:

2-0 earns 3 points
1-1 earns 1 point
0-2 earns no points
Forfeiting a matchup will result in a deduction of 1 point

The point ranking will determine each team's position within the Division
2.6.2 Each Division within MSHL will have promotions and relegations for the next Season. The amount of teams to be promoted/relegated for each Season may differ.
2.6.3 If there is a tie amongst the teams a Tie Breaker will be held.
2.6.4 Tie Breaker format: Teams will be randomly drawn into a single elimination bracket, with randomly drawn byes if necessary.

3.0 MSHL Payment

3.1 Team captains (Gold Division) are required to provide valid and current details (Photocopy of IC, Bank Account details, Full Name, Contact Number, Email) upon entering the league.
Team captains (Silver Division) are required to provide valid and current details (Photocopy of IC, Full Name, Contact Number, Email) upon entering the league.
Failure to do so may result in delayed/rejected payment for that team, Garena will not be held liable in this event. It is the team's responsibility to make sure that the payment details provided are correct.
3.2 In the event that the payment details need to be changed/updated, the player is required to send an email to with the existing AND new information. Incomplete submissions will not be entertained.
3.3 The entirety of the team’s payment will be done to the team captain ONLY. The captain is then responsible to distribute the money/codes to each respective team member.
3.4 A statement/announcement will be made once payment has been completed, after which each team is responsible for checking with the team captain for the distribution of the money/codes. Garena will not be held liable if the captain is unwilling or unable to distribute the money/codes to the respective team members.
3.5 Upon placement into the league, teams are guarenteed to receive the stated division bonus every month of the Season (amount and type depends on which Division the team is in) unless one or more of the following is true;
1) The team chooses to withdraw from the league.
2) The team cannot produce 5 members (3 members or more have been disqualified)
3) The team has been disqualified from the season/league.
4) The team forfeits more than 2 Matchups in the current Season.
5) The team has provided false or outdated details for the payment.